American Sniper: The True Story of an American Hero

chris kyleAmerican Sniper is the true story of one of the greatest American heroes of the 21st century, and perhaps the best, most lethal sniper in all of US military history.

The story tells how Chris Kyle volunteers for the Navy Seals and is trained as a sniper, due to his excellence at shooting that he developed as a child growing up on a ranch with his father.

Kyle goes on 4 tours in Iraq and boasts over 120 kills. The exact number of kills is unconfirmed, but many estimate it to be between 140 and 150, making him the most effective and most lethal sniper in history.

Though he survives his 4 tours to Iraq, Kyle struggles to keep his family together, and is tragically killed while volunteering to help other veterans readjust to society.

The novel was subsequently adapted into a major motion picture starring Bradley Cooper. You can watch the trailer below for more information and to get a glimpse of the film.

This is truly one of the most powerful and heroic stories of modern history, and the American Sniper books does an excellent job of narrating the events of this man’s life and military career. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in military history or the events of the Iraq War.

Listen to the mp3 of Chris Kyle’s book from Free Audiobook Guide, or click here to get the movie from iTunes.

Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Picketty

Have an interest in economics? If so, then Capital in the 21st Century is probably a good book for you to check out.

This epic, modern study of economics, written by French economist Thomas Picketty, is one of the best layman’s books on economics to come out in the last several decades.

Picketty takes a holistic approach to the study of economics, and chides American academics for attempting to isolate the field to focus only on obscure mathematical formulas, without including references to other contemporaneous events, like socio-political conditions that can give rise to the economic trends of one’s age.

Taking this approach, Picketty is able to come up with a unique and quite interesting perspective on why our economy functions the way it does, and what that means for the future.

Don’t let the description of the book as a “layman’s work” imply it is toned down, however. He deals with a number of very complex topics, but explains them in a clear and concise manner.

Watch the video below for a glimpse into Picketty’s philosophies with this TED Talk.

All The Light We Cannot See Book Review

Have you read All The Light We Cannot See yet?

In this review, we take a deep dive into one of the most popular books of 2015. Learn why this novel has taken the world by storm, and get the basics on what happens (don’t worry, there’s no spoiler alert needed!) so that you can figure out if this is a good choice for you to read!

Watch the video below for the more detailed review!